<title><![CDATA[a naked part of world]]></title>
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<p>the sight is all the same</p>
<p>just a part of world ago</p>
<p>always the same thing</p>
<p>like no one cares enough for you</p>
<p>there's nothing left to blame</p>
<p>just a naked part of world</p>
<p>always the same thing</p>
<p>like no one dies enough for you</p>
<p>I draw this out</p>
<p>but I could never get that picture from you</p>
<p>well, from what's left from you</p>
<p>something like... memories ?</p>
<p>we're downstairs</p>
<p>looking for a place just a little bit out of the world</p>
<p>coming up</p>
<p>just a moment</p>]]></description>
  <author><![CDATA[dead joshua]]></author>
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